• All About Infant Massage
    A holistic approach to infant health.
  • Answers.com (pediatrics.answers.com)
    A great resource for questions parents frequently have about pediatrics in general!
  • Bub Born Early
    An NICU journal for the Premature Child and Parents
  • IVF authority
    A Complete Guide to Understanding In Vitro Fertilization
  • ePregnancy
    A site that is helpful for moms (and dads) beginning before conception and continues after birth. ePregnancy provides you with articles, interactive features, forums, and other ideas and resources to keep you informed and inspired.
  • Mothers Health
    The premium resource for women health.
  • Graham’s Foundation
    This site was created to support future parents of micro-preemie babies by providing them with care packages that are both practical and inspirational during their journey.
  • In 1997, Dianne Maroney (owner of premature-infant.com) asked the families of Preemie-l to tell their experiences and feelings around having a premature infant by finishing the sentence “Imagine..” Dianne often uses these insightful and moving stories as she speaks around the country, educating medical professionals as to the plight of preemie parents. Enter HERE to find the original “Imagine..” stories.
  • Kangaroo Care
    Information on Kangarooing our little miracles.
  • Little Hero
    This website was created by two parents who have a great deal of experience in the NICU, both sad and happy. Through their journey, they created a beautiful baby record book specifically for preemies and term infants in the NICU called, “Treasured Memories.” Their site also includes NICU statistics and other resources for parents.
  • Little One Productions
    Claire Panke (a very compassionate NICU nurse) has directed a documentary file called A Chance to Grow. This film follows several families in the NICU and does an extraordinary job of showing the true side of life parenting a premature infant. This film has been seen on the Discovery Channel and is available to parents and health professionals.
  • Mike and Ollie
    Mike and Ollie, 24 weekers who beat the odds.
  • nicurollercoaster.com
    A book to help NICU families to cope with the emotions of a premature birth.
  • Parenting Special Needs Multiples
    Articles by Elizabeth. A. Pector, M.D.
    A wonderful website with many articles on parenting special needs multiples. Information includes material on premature and special needs mulitples, and the loss of a multiple. Dr. Pector is a parent of a premature, special needs child who is a surviving twin which brings great insight to her work.
  • Parents of Premature Babies (Preemie-l)
    Anne Casey and Gary created this wonderful website that includes an online support group and information for parents of premature infants of any age. This site has excellent links for preemie parents!
  • Preemie Twins
    A resource for both parents of multiples and parents of premature infants.
  • Premature Baby–Premature Child
    An extraordinary website that was created to support parents of premature infants, helping them provide the best opportunities for their children for a lifetime. On this site you will find the preemie-child internet support group for parents of preemies four years old or older.
  • Premature Baby Internet Resources
    Resource websites that lead you to the world of preemie parenting. Created by Allison Martin, owner of Preemie-Child.
  • The Early Edition
    A collection of wisdom and discussions from the online support group Preemie-l.

Preemie Apparel and Accessories

  • Ava Baby’s Boutique
    At AvaBaby’s, you will find everything you need for your premature baby. We carry the largest selection of clothes for micropreemies, preemies and small newborn infants. These low birth weight and micro preemie clothes have been tested in the NICU environment and are still adorable to look at.
  • Baby Gates Direct
  • Calvins Hats
    Our wish is that these tiny hats will carry with them a small amount of healing, comfort, and peace. Our hearts are with you.
  • Jacqui’s Preemie Pride
    We have an assortment of premature infant clothing, accessories, Christening, bereavement gowns and sets for infants 0-12 pounds.
  • Little Tom
    Preemie Clothing and Scrapbooking supplies
  • Lucy’s Hope Chest
    We offer preemie and newborn clothing with IV access for NICU’s and beyond, at a very affordable price.
  • Preemie Proud
    A store that caters exclusively to premature (preemie) and low birth weight infants through various stages of development – from in the NICU to going home.
  • Prematurely Yours
    This site carries a wonderful baby book specific for preemies!
  • The Preemie Store…and More!
    Where Pampered Preemies Shop!
  • Tiny Bundles
    Custom-sized items for premature and low-birth-weight babies.
  • Tiny Little Clothes
    Shop for your newborn, low birthweight, and preemie needs.