Your Premature Baby and Child – Helpful Answers and Advice for Parents

Your Premature Baby and Child
gives parents guidance on issues such as:

• Homecoming Preparation
• Medical Problems
• Feeding Concerns
• Development and Early Intervention
• Transitioning to School
• Emotional Support

“Full of practical advice.”
~Richard B. Johnston, Jr., M.D., Past Medical Director,
March of Dimes Birth Defects Foundation

“Your Premature Baby and Child balances both informational and emotional needs of mothers and fathers of preterm children. I have no doubt this book is going to become an excellent resource. Parents will refer to it often during their preemie’s childhood.”
Jacinto A. Hernández, M.D.,
Professor of Pediatrics, Neonatology Section, University of Colorado School of Medicine

Your Premature Baby and Child is a unique, comprehensive, and empowering handbook that provides detailed information for “preemie parents” after their infants are discharged from the NICU. Written by experienced preemie mothers and medical professionals, this book presents information in easy-to-understand language and in a warm and reassuring voice that can only come from those who understand.

Co-author Amy Tracy is the mother of a premature baby founder of an award-winning support group and newsletter for parents of premature children. Dianne Maroney is also the mother of a premature baby and a neonatal nurse. Drs. Judy Bernbaum (neonatologist and director of the Follow-up Program at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia) and Jessie R. Groothuis (former director of The Denver Children’s Hospital Follow-up Program and current director of Clinical Vaccine Research at Ross Laboratories) are the medical editors and join an impressive list of contributors from across the country.